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Fisher 11 Dolly Package

The Fisher 11 Camera Dolly is the smallest camera dolly made by Fisher. Designed to exacting standards, while being relatively lightweight and compact, the Fisher 11 dolly is perfect for use on location. The minimum width is just under 21 inches, allowing it to fit through doorways and other places that larger dollies might not reach. Like the Fisher 10 dolly, it operates on either square or round track.

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This Fisher dolly features a stable hydraulic lift beam with a 200 lb. capacity and 33.4″ of vertical travel, adjustable 3-way steering (Rear, Crab, & Round modes), and boasts reliable, quiet, and incredibly smooth operation. Fisher dollies allow for the operator and an assistant to ride with the camera, for unmatched control and flexibility. All of our Fisher dolly rentals are carefully maintained by our trained and certified staff, and include a full package of accessories. We suggest hiring a trained dolly grip with any J. L. Fisher dolly rental.

Rental Includes

  • (1) Fisher 11 Dolly Chassis
  • (8) Pneumatic Tires
  • (2) Push Posts
  • (1) 4-Way Level Head
  • (1) 4-Way Low Level Head
  • (1) Hand Screw for Level Head
  • (1) Rotating Offset
  • (2) Carry Handles
  • (2) Short Carry Handles
  • (2) Diving Boards
  • (2) High Side Boards
  • (2) Low Side Boards
  • (2) Front Boards
  • (1) Front Board Bridge
  • (1) Standing Platform
  • (1) Large Seat
  • (1) Small Seat
  • (1) Adjustable Seat Riser
  • (1) Seat Offset, Straight
  • (1) Seat Offset, High
  • (1) 6” Camera Riser
  • (1) 12” Camera Riser
  • (1) 10” Camera Offset
  • (1) 90° Camera Angle Plate
  • (1) Knee Bumper
  • (2) Allen Wrenches
  • (2) Front Pins
  • (1) Battery Box
  • (1) Accessory Cart
  • (1) Mitchell to 100mm Bowl Adapter


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