Chapman Super Peewee III + Dolly Package

Chapman Super Peewee III + Dolly Package

The Chapman Super PeeWee III+ Camera Dolly is a compact, versatile dolly designed by Chapman/Leonard and built to the highest standards for the film industry. A robust dolly in a compact, easy-to-transport package, the Super PeeWee III+ is lightweight, incredibly stable, and able to pass through a doorway just 16″ wide.

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This ride-on Chapman dolly features a hydraulic arm that can lock into 4 positions, with impressive rigidity and vertical travel distance. The multiple steering modes shift seamlessly while moving, thanks to the innovative, in-handle shifting design. The Universal Stop Valve allows for precision stops, feathering, and repeated movements. The dolly’s compound wheels move smoothly and quietly, whether on floors, square, or round track.

Like all our ride-on dollies, the Chapman Super PeeWee III + features a Mitchell Mount, and can be adapted to other mounts.


Chapman Super Peewee III + Dolly Specifications
Carrying Weight280 lb
Maximum Payload250 lb
Maximum camera mount height (position 1 – 90º mode)4 ft 11 3/4 in
Minimum camera mount height (position 1 – 90º mode)29 1/2 in
Vertical boom travel (position 1 – 90º mode)30 1/4 in
Maximum camera mount height (position 2 – 45º mode)4 ft 9 1/2 in
Minimum camera mount height (position 2 – 45º mode)25 1/2 in
Vertical boom travel (position 2 – 45º mode)32 in
Maximum camera mount height (position 3 – low mode)4 ft 2 1/2 in
Minimum camera mount height (position 3 – low mode)19 1/4 in
Minimum Camera mount height with PeeWee 90º plate3 in
Vertical travel2 ft 7 in
Maximum payload with high post kit1,100 lbs
Maximum boom lifts (fully charged)4 Lifts
Accumulator Charging Time (Empty to full)60 seconds
Chassis maximum length (wheels fully extended)3 ft 7 in
Chassis minimum length (wheels fully retracted)34 1/2 in
Minimum chassis height for transportation16 in
Chassis width – legs at 0º position20 in
Chassis width – legs at 17º position (pneumatic tire position)23 1/2 in
Chassis width – legs at 45º position2 ft 4 1/2 in
Chassis width – 90º (sideways/scissor track position)2 ft 8 in
Steering post height2 ft 11 in
Minimum turn radius24 in
Min loading door width16 in
Standard operational weight329 lb
Operational weight with high post kit (no payload)386 lb
Dolly Shipping Weight w/Crate475 lb
Dolly Shipping Dimensions43 in x 27 in x 36 in
Dolly Accessory Cart Shipping Weight w/Crate346 lb
Dolly Accessory Crate Dimensions44 in x 35 in x 28 in

Recommended Accessories

  • Tripod Head

Rental Includes

  • (1) Chapman Super PeeWee III + Chassis
  • (1) Camera Swing Head
  • (1) Universal Low Plate
  • (1) Front Board
  • (1) Side Board – Low
  • (1) Side Board – Narrow
  • (1) Side Board – Wide
  • (1) Standing Board
  • (2) Seats
  • (2) 12” Seat Risers
  • (1) Seat Offset
  • (1) Tracking Bar
  • (2) Carry Handles
  • (1) 6” Camera Riser
  • (1) 12” Camera Riser
  • (1) 24” Camera Offset
  • (1) Universal Wrench
  • (1) Accessory Cart


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