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Grip Truck and Grip Van Rentals

Red Star’s fleet of grip van and grip truck rentals is ready to be picked up or meet you on location. We take grip gear seriously, and you can tell the moment you open the back of a Red Star grip van or grip truck. Our 1-ton grip van rental has nearly twice as much grip equipment as many of our competitors. All our vans and trucks come with ramps or motorized liftgates for easy loading and unloading, and multiple carts for getting your grip equipment where you need it. All of our grip trucks and vans have space available for carrying additional gear, like lights, cameras, generators, and everything else. Most importantly, our grip vans and trucks put safety first, with a secure cargo compartment, first aid kit, fire extinguisher, and traffic cones.  

Don’t think that all our attention is in the back! We keep our fleet updated regularly. The majority of our 1-ton vans are 2021 models or newer, and all of our grip truck rentals are maintained by our team of techs who love making sure we have the most reliable production vehicles anywhere.

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What is a grip truck?

A grip truck is a vehicle used in film, commercial, and video production that carries stands, light modifiers, and accessories (grip equipment).  Red Star grip trucks have special modifications like built-in shelving and easy-access doors and lifts to make them more useful on location.

What Size is a Grip Truck?

Our most popular size grip trucks are 3-, 5- or 10-ton. Grip vans are typically a 1-ton package. This weight refers to the amount of grip equipment typically on board. Every grip vehicle seats (at least) two people. Most 3-ton grip trucks are 18-20 feet long, 5-ton grip trucks are typically 26-28 feet long. 10-ton trucks are even larger, and require a Class B CDL to drive. Some of our locations may have other size grip vehicles available, like 2-ton or 4-ton trucks, but all of our locations can help you with 1-ton, 3-ton, 5-ton, and 10-ton grip truck rentals.

What comes in a Grip Package?

Any grip package will include C-stands, light stands, lighting modifiers like flags and silks, frames for larger lighting modifiers, sandbags, clamps, and apple boxes. Red Star grip trucks have hundreds of items in the grip package. You can find a complete list of what’s included by clicking on the specific truck package.

A 3-ton and 5-ton grip truck from Red Star.
Red Star 3-ton and 5-ton grip trucks, ready for rental.