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Red Star Rentals provides professional still and video cameras, lighting and grip, lenses, monitors, camera support, audio equipment, and everything else for film and video production. Our rental catalog includes cameras from Canon, Sony, Red, Arri, Blackmagic, and Panasonic. We rent lenses from all major brands, including Cooke, Canon, Zeiss, and less common options like Tribe7, Atlas, Lomo, and others. Our monitor rentals include SmallHD, Atomos, and Flanders.

At Red Star, lighting, grip, and electric rentals can be à la carte, or rent our famous grip vans and grip trucks, filled with every grip tool your production needs. We offer lighting equipment rentals from brands like Aputure, Arri, Creamsource, Litegear, and Mole Richardson. We also sell expendables, an essential part of every photo and video shoot.

We’re more than just lighting and grip rental experts, we’re ready to be part of your team. With seven locations throughout the Midwest and East Coast, Red Star Rentals is here for you. 

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