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RatPac Cintenna Wireless DMX Kit

RatPac Cintenna Wireless DMX Kit

The RatPac Cintenna Kit is a fast, plug-and-play solution for wireless DMX.  It offers wireless DMX control from up to a 1/4 mile with, 128 bit encryption and LumenRadio’s 2.4GHZ intelligent band hopping to ensure a reliable connection, even in signal saturated environments.

Each kit consists of 6x battery operated wireless DMX receivers, 1x wireless DMX transmitter and 1x AKS+  Transmitters and receivers can be instantly connected with the push of a button while the AKS plus acts as an all-in-one wireless and Art-Net DMX node.  Whether you want to control your lights through a console, tablet, or even your phone, it doesn’t get easier than this.

The wireless RX receivers are designed with versatility in mind.  Each contains a 12-hour lithium ion battery, and the ability to swivel 270 degrees to avoid interfering with the pan, tilt and controls of the light.  Receivers may also be powered directly off of some lights.

The AKS+ is a powerful wireless transmitter and Art-Net DMX node: An all-in-one unit powered by over 20 hours of battery life! Simply turn on the AKS Plus, choose RatPac AKS in your device’s WiFi settings, turn on your DMX app and you’re ready to go!


Kit Includes:

  • 1 – Cintenna AKS Plus w/Power Supply, Micro USB Cable & 2 Antennas
  • 1 – Cintenna AKS Plus Redpark Cable
  • 1 – Cintenna TX Transmitter w/Power Supply, Barrel USB Cable & Antenna
  • 6 – Cintenna Battery RX Receiver w/Power Supply, Micro USB Cable & Antenna
  • 1 – Cintenna High Speed 10-port USB hub


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