Rosco 1700 Fogger

Price: $75

The Rosco 1700 Fogger is an affordable and energy-efficient professional fog machine. The output is equal to or better than previous models, but draws less power to decrease operating costs. With a warm up time of 8 minutes, it gives you a powerful initial blast of thick fog and ramps back to continuous fogging at whatever volume you need without interruption for reheating.

The included remote control has a 15-foot cable, stores on board, manages volume and timing, and can be extended with 50′ and 100′ cables (not included). It has been re-engineered to use fewer parts, meaning it is easier to maintain and is more reliable in general. It’s perfect for theater or rental applications.

  • Maximum fluid use: 3 liters per hour
  • Compatible with the entire range of Rosco Fog Fluids

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