CMC 18000w HMI Fresnel

Price: $875.00 (Electronic Ballast) $750.00 (Magnetic Ballast)

The CMC 18000w HMI Fresnel is the workhorse of the industry. The fixture has an excellent reputation for quality and dependability, and is available with a 12/18k respective electronic ballast. The electronic igniter is designed to provide extremely quiet operation using either ballast. Other features include Cinemills revolutionary shock mount lamp socket system that is designed to maximize lamp life, a unique T-Handle designed to allow easy movement of the bale, and an optional locking diffusion ear. The CMC 18000w HMI Fresnel is the flagship of a quality line of equipment from the company with over 35 year commitment to motion picture lighting.

An HMI lamp uses mercury vapor mixed with metal halides in a quartz-glass envelope, with two tungsten electrodes of medium arc separation. Unlike traditional lighting units using incandescent light bulbs, HMIs need electrical ballasts, which are separated from the head via a header cable, to limit current and supply the proper voltage. The lamp operates by creating an electrical arc between two electrodes within the bulb that excites the pressurized mercury vapor and metal halides, and provides very high light output with greater efficacy than incandescent lighting units. The efficiency advantage is near four fold, with approximately 85–108 lumens per watt of electricity. Unlike tungsten-halogen lamps where the halide gas is used to regenerate the filament and keep the evaporated tungsten from darkening, the mercury vapor and the metal halides in HMI lamps are what emit the light. The high CRI and color temperature are due to the specific lamp chemistries.

Includes: Ballast, 2 Head Cables, Lens Set, Barndoor, 3pc Scrim Set, Spare Globe


Distance (Feet) Flood Foot Candles Spread Diameter (Feet) Spot Foot Candles Spread Diameter (Feet)
30 1940 22 13400 9
50 720 35 5500 15
75 350 56 2550 19
100 190 72 1520 16
120 130 83 940 30
140 99 107 730 34


Power 160 VAC nominal
Supply Voltage 75 Amps 50/60 Hz
Color Temperature 5600K
Measurements 34.5 x 30.5 x 34.8” (87,6 x 77,5 x 88cm)
Weight 152 lbs (69kg)