Price: $200.00

The smallest and lightest fixture in the M-Series, the ARRI M8 HMI from ARRI uses lensless MAX technology to combine the characteristics of a Fresnel and PAR source. With a focus range of 15-62°, normally only achieved with supplementary lenses, the M8’s output more closely resembles that of a 1000W or 1200W HMI Fresnel but with a far more compact form factor. That translates to more light output with less physical labor and heavy breakable glass. Innovations include CCL, which compensates for power loss when using long cables and Cross Cooling which separates the electronics from the lamp housing and allows safe tilting of the head up to 90 degrees. By eliminating the need for bulky, easily breakable spread lenses, the M8 will speed up workflows on set.

Structurally, the ARRI M8 HMI employs a robust, tubular steel yoke and disc brakes to safely lock down the 17.2 lb head when tilting. There’s no need to worry about moist locations; the M8 has an IP23 weather-resistant rating. Lifting the light to mount on a stand is also extremely easy due to light weight and compact design.

  • Lensless MAX Technology: lighter weight, easy to use
  • Light output comparable to 1200W fixture
  • Smallest lamp head in MAX line
  • Highly mobile for a wide range of uses
  • Focusable between 15° and 62°
  • Cross cooling allows safe operation even at 90° tilt
  • Uses existing 245 mm / 230 mm ARRI True Blue D12 and Chimera accessories
  • Uses existing 575/1200/1800W cables
  • Weather protection class IP23
  • Tilt locks to hold heavy accessories securely
Included Lamps 800w (Spare included)
Supported Wattage 800 W
Base Type Medium Bi-Post GX22
Fixture Mount 1-1/8″ Stud
Lens None
Lens Size 7.87″ / 20 cm

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