Price: $250.00

We have put together this ARRI M18 HMI rental for image makers who require a great deal of wattage coupled with a 120/220 multi-voltage option. The rental includes an ARRI M18 HMI lamp head with 4-way barndoors, two 50′ head cables, a 12/18kW electronic ballast, and a spare globe. We have a wide array of light stands also available for rental.

The M18 is an 1,800 W open face lamphead, combining the Academy Scientific and Engineering Award-winning lens-less optical technology of the ARRIMAX with the innovative True Blue design. The result is an extremely powerful lamphead, as small as a 1,200W PAR but with a 70 % higher light output. The M-Series M18 fixture is adjustable from 20° to 60° without requiring spreader lenses. The ARRI M18 HMI is a newly designed, more efficient lamp head built to work with a new power class of lamp: the 1800W SE HMI, which has an average life of 750 hours, a luminous efficacy of 92 lumens/watt, and a Color Rendering Index (CRI) greater than 90 at 6000K. The M18 is an open-face, lensless fixture that combines the characteristics of a PAR and a Fresnel, creating diverging rays of light to produce a very crisp shadow. It can operate on a 20A circuit. This lamp has a beam angle (HPA) of 20 to 60° with a wide usable field angle. ARRI barndoors are heat resistant and rotatable.

  • Lens-less MAX Technology: Easy to use
  • New 1,800 W lamp
  • Virtually the same size as a 1,200 W lamphead but more than 70 % brighter
  • Runs from most domestic sockets world-wide
  • Uses existing 575/1,200/1,800 W cables
  • Can also be used with 1,200 W lamps and ballasts
  • Cross Cooling allows safe operation at any tilt angle
  • IP Rating IP23
  • True Blue tilt lock holds even heavy Chimeras
  • Easy maintenance

Includes: Ballast, 2 Head Cables, Lens Set, Barndoor, 3pc Scrim Set, Spare Globe

Included Lamps 1800w (spare included)
Supported Wattage 1800 W
Base Type Mogul Bi-Post G38
Fixture Mount 1-1/8″ Stud

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