ARRI Compact HMI 2500w Fresnel

Price: $250.00 (Electronic Ballast) $200.00 (Magnetic Ballast)

This is our ARRI Compact HMI 2500w Fresnel rental. It includes an electronic ballast, barndoor set, two 50′ headcables, a three piece scrim set, and a spare globe. Where a lightweight Fresnel spotlight using daylight characteristics with compact size and high efficiency are needed, ARRI Daylight Fresnels are the preferred choice. ARRI’s elegant modular construction, using corrosion-resistant aluminium extrusions and lightweight die castings, offers great structural strength and weather resistance. Together with ARRI flicker-free Electronic Ballasts, this rugged HMI Fresnel is ideal for all types of location lighting.

Part of Arri’s True Blue series, the ARRI Compact HMI 2500w Fresnel stays true to its Arri roots with its compact size, while reducing weight and maximizing light output. True Blue heads also feature a new cross-cooling system–lamp housing temp is reduced 25%; lens temp, 17%. A redesigned stirrup and improved tilt lock make using Chimera or similar light modifiers a breeze. This rental includes a ARRI 4-Leaf Barndoor Set that fits both the T5 and ST2 Fresnel fixtures. Barndoors attach to the front of a light and are used to restrict light from areas of a set. ARRI barndoors are heat resistant and rotatable. This light is compatible with a wide array of stands and other lighting equipment we offer to be added separately. (i.e. gels, rain covers, blackwrap)


  • Redesigned stirrup and improved tilt lock for ease of using light modifiers
  • A 9.9″ (25.15 cm) HMI Fresnel Provides Light Beam Angles of 59½ in the Flood Position and 7½ in the Spot Position at 50 Feet.
  • Weights:
    • Fresnel Head: 38 lbs., 17.2 kg.
  • Mounting: Spigot Type, 1-1/8″ Diameter.
  • New cross-cooling system reduces lamp housing and lens temperature
  • Easily mounted on stands and positioned with a maneuverable yolk as well as a focusing knob mounted on the back of the head.


Includes: Ballast, 2 Head Cables, Lens Set, Barndoor, 3pc Scrim Set, Spare Globe