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Sachtler Video 60 Plus Tripod System

Sachtler Video 60 Plus Tripod System


The Sachtler Video 60 Plus Tripod System is a 150mm fluid head tripod system built to handle heavy payloads.

The Video 60 Plus’ 18-step counterbalance system always works to protect you from inadvertent tipping while keeping the camera secure in any position and easily support payloads of up to 143 lbs.

Touch & Go quick release and automatic locking make setting up fast, while Sachtler’s frictionless leak proof fluid damping with nine levels of drag ensures seamless pan and tilt.


  • Payload: 35.20 to 143 lb
  • Counterbalance: 18 steps
  • Drag: 9 + 0 drag settings
  • Weight: 20.90 lb
  • Level bubble: Yes, illuminated
  • Adaptor viewfinder extension: No Adaptor
  • Bowl size: 150 mm
  • Camera plate: Touch & Go plate 35
  • Temperature range: -40 to 140 °F
  • Tilt range: +90° to -60°
  • Sliding range: 4.49 in
  • Interface Compatibility: Touch & Go


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