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Look Solutions Unique 2 Hazer

Look Solutions Unique 2 Hazer


The Look Solutions Unique 2 Hazer is a 1500w water based hazer that can continuously create a thick or thin hazy atmosphere that is safe and residue free. Output is adjustable via the machine’s control panel, remote, or any DMX controller.

It features a built-in digital timer and a programmable haze density control system that allows adjustment of both the fan and pump, giving precision control over the level and density of the generated atmosphere.

Except when shipped, the hazer is rented full and fluid is included in the price (2L). Additional fluid is available for purchase.

Note: This hazer must be shut down properly to prevent clogging and damage. For proper shutdown, navigate to and select ‘off’ from the menu. Lines will move across the screen as the hazer performs its cleaning process. Once complete, lines will stop and a dot will appear in the corner of the screen. It is now safe to unplug the hazer.

Note: Using off brand or oil based fluid WILL DAMAGE THE HAZER. If additional fluid is needed, please contact our rental team for purchase or information! 


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