All Tungsten Fresnels Include: Barndoors, 5-Piece Scrim Set and Spare Globe

Open Face

All Open Face Include: Barndoors, 3-Piece Scrim Set and Spare Globe

Softlight & Spacelight

All Softlights Include: Egg Crate, Gel Frame and Spare Globe

1000w Baby Softlight$20
2000w Zip Softlight$30
4000w Baby Softlight$55
2000w Spacelite$50
6000w Spacelite$90


All Jem Ball Kits Include: 2x Diffusion Covers, Half Black Skirt and Spare Globe

22" Jem Ball Kit$85
30" Jem Ball Kit$100
Jem Ball Joker Bug Adapter - All Size$15


All Kits Include: Stands, Scrim Sets and Spare Globes