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Heden M26VE Digital Motor

Heden M26VE Digital Motor


The Heden M26VE Lens Motor is a powerful and durable lens control motor. The vertical orientation makes it ideal for mounting on 15mm and 19mm support rods. The gear design allows the gear to be easily removed, exchanged, or mounted on the opposite for versatility in each camera build.


  • Height: (body): 33mm/1.3” (body with gear housing): 42mm/1.65”
  • Width: 26mm/1.02”
  • Length: 117mm/4.6”
  • Weight: (without bracket and gears): 222gr/7.83 oz
  • Connector: LEMO 7 pin connector 


  • Hedén M26VE Motor
  • 0.8 gear module
  • Bracket with 19mm to 15mm (0.75” to 0.59”) reduction insert


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