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Cine Tape Kit

Cine Tape Kit


The CineTape is an ultrasonic measurement device used primarily for wireless follow focus hand units. This tool grants the ability for the focus puller to see, measure, and automatically pull for an object at exactly the distance the CineTape reads. Mount the CineTape to a camera build and dial in the distance at which the subject is in focus.

Combine this kit with the LCUB-1 and our Arri follow focus hand units to share data in an ecosystem that allows the AC to pull focus accurately and sometimes automatically.

Key Features:

  • Ultrasonic Measurement Device
  • Compatible with Arri hand units via the LCUB-1

Kit Includes:

  • CineTape Measure Control
  • Ultrasonic Horn Sensor Assembly
  • Sensor Cables
  • D-Tap and 3-pin Power Cables
  • Clamp Mounting Bracket


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