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Chimera Daylite Plus Soft Box

Chimera Daylite Plus Soft Box


The Chimera line of products has long been the gold standard for simple, effective soft boxes in the film, video, and photography industries and are perfect for turning any fixture into a large, soft source.

Chimera Lightbanks can be set-up and torn down in less than a minute and can be used with nearly any fixture through use of speed rings.  Compact collapsible design makes them lightweight and easy to transport.

The Chimera Daylite Soft Box is optimized for medium to large fresnels and other light sources with narrow beam angles.  The extra depth of the Daylite series allows the light more distance to spread and fills the front diffusion screen more evenly than in a Quartz series Lightbanks, minimizing the “hotspot” that can occur with Fresnels.  

Available in a variety of sizes Chimera Daylite soft boxes are rated for lights between 1200w and 24000w and feature three interchangeable diffusion fronts.

Size and Maximum Wattage:
S – 32″x24″ 4000w
M -48″x36″ 6000w
L – 72″x54″ 12,000w
Senior – 72″x54″ 24,000W


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