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Arri T5 5k Fresnel

Arri T5 5k Fresnel


The Arri T5 fresnel is a 5000w fixture, the largest of Arri’s tungsten fresnels. The fixture is mounted on a yoke that can slide, for easy balancing with or without barn doors. As part of Arri’s True Blue series, the light can be focused from both the front and the back, with a beam angle from 10 to 54 degrees. While the design manages heat well, this and all tungsten fixtures can get quite hot. This light is for professional use only.

The 5000w size makes them most commonly seen  in the studio. They can also be used on location, when high power circuits are available.

The Arri T5 fresnel can be dimmed with a 5000w dimmer. It has a 10″ lens, weighs about 26 pounds, and mounts on a junior stand or junior receiver. Barn doors and scrims are included with your rental.

Red Star rents Arri tungsten (3200k) fresnels in 150w300w, 650w1000w, and 5000w sizes.


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