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Arri MFF-1 Follow Focus

Arri MFF-1 Follow Focus


The ARRI MFF-1 follow focus is a single sided, lightweight manual follow focus unit with a single focus ring and two screw-in end stops. The MFF-1’s aluminum frame clamps tightly to 15mm rod pairs, ensuring sturdy, uniform focus pulling for any focus puller or camera operator. It can also be mounted to 15mm or 19mm bridge plates using standard adapters. It is compatible with all standard lens gears. The quick-mount style makes it easy to add or remove without having to rebuild the camera rig. The focus gear is reversible, an excellent feature for lenses with reversed focus direction. It weighs about 13 ounces.

Manual follow focus is most common for rigs where the operator is also pulling focus, but the Arri MFF-1 can be mounted on either the left or right side of the camera. Relatively lightweight, it’s popular for documentary-style shooting. The hard stops make it possible to pair the MFF-1 with photo lenses that otherwise would not stop rotating at infinity.



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