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FocusBug Cine RT Rangefinder Kit

FocusBug Cine RT Rangefinder Kit

The Focusbug Cine RT Rangefinder kit is an unmatched tool for focus pulling. Using 2.4 GHz bands for control, and ultrasonic sound for distance measurements, the Focusbug system allows for highly accurate instantaneous focus information.

Focusbug Cine RT Rangefinder Overview

The ultrasonic base sensor is both a rangefinder and receiver for tracking CINE RT Bug Transmitters, while sending  distance information to the Handset, High-Bright LED Display(s), Preston HU3 and Arri WCU-4 and Hi-5 Handsets. Mounted on the camera typically above the lens, it combines control systems, sensor array, RF systems and targeting laser in one unit.

The handset control unit is a pocket-sized interface for display modes, tools, and settings. All settings can be configured from the handset without needing to touch the camera. The handset also doubles as a discrete ultrasonic tape measure, letting ACs quickly collect and store marks without tape or a laser.

The compact high-bright LED display can be mounted on the camera or a monitor. The large number readout has five levels of brightness. Additional displays can be chained for multiple readouts, or for tracking multiple targets.

The Ultrasonic bug transmitter is the smallest part of the Focusbug Cine RT system. It’s tiny size (1.6″ x 1.6″ x 0.4″) and weight 0.7oz make it easily hidden under most fabrics. It emits no RF, therefore causing no interference with wireless electronic devices. The bug provides instant distance information for focus pullers when placed on focus charts, stand-ins or principals. Up to four Bug transmitters can be tracked by one ultrasonic base sensor, at distances up to 120′.

Rental Includes

  • Ultrasonic Base Unit
  • Cine RT Handset Control Unit
  • High Bright Distance Display
  • Ultrasonic Transmitter
  • D-Tap Cables
  • 2-Pin Lemo AC Adapter
  • Mounting Blocks
  • USB Cable


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