Aputure F14 Fresnel

Shown with optional accessories, available separately.

Aputure F14 Fresnel

The Aputure F14 Fresnel is a motorized 14″ Fresnel modifier with an adjustable 18- to 50-degree beam angle. Designed specifically for the Aputure Electro Storm CS15 and XT26, the F14 Fresnel optimizes and amplifies the light output, providing remote adjustability and the even beam spread that can only be achieved with large lenses. Included barn doors allow for even more control over shape and spread.  The motor can be adjusted on the fixture, as well as remotely via DMX-512, using CRMX, or through the Sidus Link app.

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The F14 Fresnel uses Aputure’s new A-mount, allowing for electronic control and power to be supplied through the backwards-compatible Bowens mount on the CS15/XT26. The yoke on both the F14 and the Electro Storm fixtures are detachable, allowing for various mounting configurations. The powerful motor can cross the entire zoom range of the fresnel in just six seconds. The combined weight of the fresnel and yoke is approximately 38 pounds.


CCTDistCS15 @ 18CS15 @ 50XT26 @18XT26 @ 50
2700K3m34,900 lux
3,242 fc
8,870 lux
824 fc
52,600 lux
4,887 fc
12,620 lux
1,172 fc
5m14,150 lux
1,315 fc
3,680 lux
342 fc
20,600 lux
1914 fc
5,210 lux
484 fc
3200K3m40,200 lux
3,735 fc
10,100 lux
938 fc
66,100 lux
6,141 fc
15,680 lux
1,457 fc
5m16,270 lux
1,512 fc
4,200 lux
390 fc
25,910 lux
2,407 fc
6,510 lux
605 fc
4300K3m42,200 lux
3,921 fc
10,380 lux
964 fc
88,200 lux
8,194 fc
20,980 lux
1,949 fc
5m17,060 lux
1,585 fc
4,310 lux
400 fc
34,600 lux
3,214 fc
8,690 lux
807 fc
5600K3m43,800 lux
4,069 fc
10,590 lux
984 fc
93,700 lux
8,705 fc
22,400 lux
2,085 fc
5m17,750 lux
1,649 fc
4,410 lux
410 fc
36,800 lux
3,419 fc
9,300 lux
864 fc
6500K3m45,100 lux
4,190 fc
10,850 lux
1,008 fc
80,500 lux
7,179 fc
19420 lux
1,804 fc
5m18,270 lux
1,697 fc
4,500 lux
418 fc
31,700 lux
2,945 fc
8,030 lux
746 fc

Rental Includes

  • Aputure F14 Fresnel
  • F14 Removable Yoke
  • 14″ Barn Doors
  • CS15/XT26 Skid
  • Road Case


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