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Cooke S8/i FF Primes

Cooke S8/i FF Primes

Cooke S8/i lenses are among the most sought-after modern full frame prime cinema lenses. With a T1.4 maximum aperture throughout the line, the Cooke S8/i lenses are a full stop faster than the renowned Cooke S7 series, while also being significantly lighter.  For lenses 25mm and longer, the image circle exceeds 46.3mm, covering the full sensor of larger-than-full-frame cameras like Red VV and Alexa LF.

Cooke lenses are known for their warm look and flattering skin tones, and the S8/i lenses are tuned to match the look of other Cooke S-series lenses. They are sharp even at T1.4, but still flattering to skin. Subtle, pleasing fall-off is noticeable in the image corners when shooting wide open on full frame. The bokeh is smooth and round, owing to the 9-leaf irises.

Cooke /i technology provides lens metadata to the camera. Exceptionally useful for camera logs and visual effects, lens data can be captured through an active PL mount or through the /i port near the PL mount.

Cooke is renowned worldwide for their superior optics and contributions to the art of filmmaking, and the Cooke S8/i lenses continue that legacy.

Cooke S8/i Full Frame Prime Lens Specifications
Focal LengthSpeedClose FocusFront DiameterSensor CoverageMount
32mmT1.42′ 3″104mmFF+PL
40mmT1.42′ 3″104mmFF+PL
50mmT1.42′ 3″104mmFF+PL
75mmT1.42′ 9″104mmFF+PL
100mmT1.42′ 9″104mmFF+PL


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