CMC 18k/12k HMI Fresnel

CMC 18k/12k HMI Fresnel

The CMC 18k/12k HMI Fresnel is an 18,000 watt daylight-balanced fresnel designed to provide the maximum amount of crisp, even light across a massive beam angle.

The CMC 18/12k fresnel can be lamped with double end 18k globe for maximum output or a 12k globe when power draw is a concern.

Rental Includes:

  • CMC 18/12k HMI Fresnel Fixture
  • Barndoors
  • Flicker Free Electronic Ballast
  • 25’ Headcable
  • 50’ Head Cable
  • 5-Piece Scrim Set (2-Full Double, 1-Full Single, 1-Half Double, 1-HalfSingle, 1-Scrim Bag)



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