2k Variac Dimmer

The 2k Variac Dimmer (variable auto-transformer or voltage regulator) is the most popular of our Variac dimmers. A Variac dimmer is a voltage-lowering dimmer that provides smooth dimming from 100% to black out. Unlike many lower-quality dimming devices, the Variac dimmer maintains an even sine wave from an AC source, preventing buzzing and flicker common on other dimmers. They are a popular rental with tungsten lighting packages.

The 2K Variac Dimmer is relatively heavy, at 25 pounds. We also rent a lighter 1K Variac dimmer for smaller fixtures.

This dimmer is rated for fixtures at or below 2000w. It should only be used on 120V tungsten/quartz lights, and is not suitable for most LEDs, fluorescents, or electronic devices. We rent out our Variac dimmers mounted to boards or in hard cases, for ease of transport.


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