Mega 8′ x 4 4-Bank System

Price: $100

The system comes with an 8′ Mega 4-Bank fixture, Junior slide-on mount, 25′ head extension cable and a Mega 4-Bank Ballast.

The 4-Lamp 8′ Mega 4-Bank fixture has built-in barndoors, a slide on center mount with a 1-1/8″ Junior pin and two 90 degree louvers. The lamp can be removed from the fixture’s shell and reflector and mounted separately anywhere on the set. The size of the lamp gives is substantial output and a wrap-around quality and make it a natural for lighting large reflective objects.

The Mega 4-Bank Fluorescent Ballast provides AC power for the 8′ 4-Bank Mega fluorescent head. It has a universal power supply and runs on 100-240 VAC for worldwide use. Since the ballast is separate from the fixture it gives you the opportunity to run them up to 75′ apart – an important benefit for sets with fixtures rigged overhead or in hard to reach places. The 4-Bank Ballast has Standard and High Output (HO) switching to control color spikes. The 4-Bank Ballast draws only 2.2A at 120 VAC and 1.1A at 230 VAC.

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