Matthews MAX Menace Arm 720 Pipe Adapter


The Matthews MAX Menace Arm 720 Pipe Adapter is designed to be used with standard 1-1/4 schedule 40 pipe. It accepts any length pipe and rotates 360 degrees in two opposite planes. Functions are unlimited and can be used for stretching the MAX Menace Arm in reach, as well as horizontally for multiple fixtures and/or a key and fill light off the same rig. The 720 Pipe Adapter enables MAX to turn corners and can be used with the MAX Dropdown, enabling the user to configure an unlimited degree of compound angles.

Caution must be taken to insure safe rigging; rigging should only be performed by a qualified Grip. Proper use of weight distribution to evenly balance the pipe setup is of extreme importance and special attention must be paid to the counterbalance requirements and payload maximum recommended load.

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