Kino Flo Freestyle 21 DMX LED

Price: $120.00

The Kino Flo FreeStyle 21 DMX LED unleashes your creative side. Equipped with a quick-release feature to remove the LED panel from the fixture, it cuts the weight nearly in half, creating a smaller form factor for better rigging flexibility.


  • Includes a full color, programmable FreeStyle controller, Head Cable (25′), Complete Fixture with removable LED panel, a Twist-On KinoGrip Center Mount, and a Honeycomb 90° louver.
  • Known for its >96 white light, full hue and saturation color, cinema gel choices, and RGB chromatic selection via the AC/DC FreeStyle 150Watt controller
  • Built-in Lumen Radio wireless DMX
  • Operates up to 50 feet away from the controller via Kino Flo head cables
  • Achieves bright, soft light with continuous dimming from 100% to 0% on a linear or square curve without flicker at higher camera speeds or at varied shutter angles
  • No light level change when shifting from 2500K to 9900K
  • No color change when the light levels are adjusted

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