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Sony E-Mount Lenses

Sony E-Mount Lenses


Sony’s native prime lenses bring the quality and performance of their renowned G Master lenses to faster and lighter housings. Offering lightning-fast autofocus even at wide-open apertures makes these especially useful for portraiture or gimbal use when paired with Sony’s most recent camera bodies. The lightweight designs of these primes are still backed by the same weather resistance and durability you see in the rest of Sony’s G Master lineup.

Focal LengthApertureMinimum FocusFilter ThreadingCoverageMount
14mmf/1.89.8”N/AFull FrameE
24mmf/1.49.45”67mmFull FrameE
35mmf/1.49.8”67mmFull FrameE
50mmf/1.215.6”72mmFull FrameE
85mmf/1.42.62′77mmFull FrameE
90mm Macro Gf/2.811.02″62mmFull FrameE
135mmf1/82.3’82mmFull FrameE


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